Seizure or galling resistance of materials at high speeds


In reality, due to a misalignment, vibrations or other reasons high speed pump rotors can come in contact with the stator, leading to a catastrophic failure.  This failure is a result of severe shearing of the contacting surfaces. However, the existing ASTM Galling method (G 196), is performed at very high pressures and very low speeds, and does not simulate the “actual” conditions met at high speeds.

Seizure or galling can be a major issue in all types of threaded assemblies such as fasteners, turnbuckles, check valves, sterns, inserts and electrical connectors.


Falex Multispecimen machine which allows for high speeds and contact pressures. By using a stable a 3-pin on disk geometry, the examined materials can slide at high under high contact pressures, while the friction of the system is continuously monitored.


  • By evaluating the changes in the evolution of the friction, the speed and/or load limits where galling occurs can be evaluated.      
  • Comparison of different materials under different galling conditions is possible.



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