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Falex Tribology Motto:
Quality - Knowledge - Partner Solutions

  • Quality is our driver.  We use test equipment that is best in its class, highly trained and experienced operators and engineers for data evaluation. Adherence to quality guidelines of ISO 17025 and participation in ASTM proficiency programs ensure quality data.
  • Knowledge is what connects your application to the right testing program and leads to the answers that are needed.  Continuous innovation and education increase our knowledge.  Every new application problem is a learning opportunity for us and improves our quality and efficiency.
  • Partner solutions means that we search together -with our customers- for the information they really need and design a data production program that fits their time schedule and budget.

Friction - Wear - Lubrication

  • What is 'FACT' : Falex Application Center for Tribology focusses on efficient and relevant answers related to tribological needs in industry.  Our unique combination of tools and know-how available for your needs.
  • Test methods : friction and durability (wear) tests from standard methods and QC procedures to the development of new and improved testing methods as well as consulting on tribology issues, test plan development and data analysis.
  • Our slogan : 'to measure is to know'.  Objective lab test methods help to innovate and improve your products and processes by data driven decisions.  Statistical analysis is essential to make confident decisions.

Application Fields

Tribology is relevant in many industrial sectors.  It ranges from development and QC of lubricants, over material selection in product design, to comfort and haptic qualities  for the consumer or functionality of medical products.  Friction and wear issues present themselves in the design phase, the production, the transport, the use and the final re-use or recycling of every object in our daily life and impacts the whole Life Cycle.
Our customers span all fields of industry and all phases of the life cycle of products.  The applications overview on our website is only one way of classifying the many topics that we cover.


In our BLOG, we publish the diversity of test methods that we have developed for new questions in tribology, or new approaches to an old question.
New challenges, new materials and new solutions all require (re)new(ed) test methods.  So besides the many standardized tests (ASTM, ISO, DIN, IP and others) we develop a lot of innovative approaches to testing of materials and lubricants.

Our Tools

Our lab is our hardware. Tribology test equipment from leading manufacturers and some own developments are used to produce the answers for our customers. More than 15 different tribometers and related equipment means that we have the best tool(s) for the job.
Our experience is our software.  20 years of applying tribological principles to industrial questions has made us highly efficient in finding the right answers. 
Our people are our strength.  When you contact us, you will speak with real experienced people.  Don't hesitate to contact us


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