Thin layer activation (TLA) technology for on-line wear measurements


The reliability of industrial equipment, transportation systems, nuclear and conventional power plants etc. can be significantly influenced by surface phenomena such as corrosion and wear. With the increasing pressure on development time and the need for higher performance, there is also an increasing need to measure and quantify the degradation phenomena faster and better. In this perspective, nuclear activation technology - as already used in engine testing- can provide accurate in-situ measurement and precise monitoring of wear, mass transfer, corrosion and erosion.


It is important to investigate the wear behavior of tribosystems under moderate or low load conditions, where the wear rates can be extremely low and cannot be easily measured with conventional techniques. As a case study TLA technique was incorporated to a Falex Block-on-Ring to simulate wear damage of a journal bearing in a crankshaft under lubricated conditions.




  • TLA can be easily implemented in a lab environment .
  • Accurate in-situ measurements of extremely low wear rates can be achieved.
  • The run-in and steady state wear evolution can be observed.

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