Tackiness Adhesion Analyser commercially available


We have demonstrated the first commercial version of our TAA Tackiness and Adhesion Analyzer last week at the ELGI Fall meetings in Amsterdam.

This is now a commercially available product, and the only system that is capable of measuring not only 'stickiness' (or the adhesive force of a grease or adhesive) but also its 'tackiness', being the ability to form threads.

See more about this instrument in the following application studies :





Thread length and separation energy, as a function of test parameters separation velocity, temperature, indentation body and compression can be easily measured. 'test recipes' can be programmed to automatically test a grease over a range of parameters and obtain the test data ready for analysis macro (included)

Besides tackiness of a grease or other visco-plastic product, we can also easily measure the adhesion between engineering bodies, such as the stickiness of a tape, or the stickiness/threadiness of cosmetic creams of hair gels.



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